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We turn IMPLANTS into beautiful SMILES!

Dr. Konstantin Gromov D.D.S and his team upended Aesthetic dentistry with their breakthrough new practice known as ImplantWide and his artistic techniques to create the most special smile possible.

We work at several convenient locations in Chicagoland. We work with verified and reputable clinicians in family owned dental practices, who also refer their patients to us and collaborate creating more happy smiles.
Restore your smile in one day!

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We Help Patients Everyday Dealing With

✔️ Damaged Teeth ✔️ Decayed Teeth

✔️ Tooth Loss ✔️ Severe Tooth Loss

✔️ Bad Breath (Gum Disease)

✔️ Poor Smile Shape

✔️ General Pain/Discomfort

And More!

Real Stories

Click to watch a video of a patient describing their life-changing transformation!

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