Zirconia Implants

Watch this interesting video which demystifies the difference between the new-age metal-free zirconia implants and the traditional and robust titanium implants.

Patients Ask

Is zirconia good for implants?

Zirconia is an ideal material for dental implants. It’s bioinert, which means that it will never trigger chemical reactions, migrate to other sites in the body or corrode. That’s why it’s the non-metal alternative to titanium. Its naturally white color also makes it a great choice for patients.

To inhibit bacterial adhesion, zirconia is superior to titanium, and hence, more suitable for abutments. Both materials show similar capability for soft tissue adhesion.

Zirconia, like many ceramics, contains metal atoms, but it’s not a metal. It’s a ceramic, one which combines the biocompatible aspects of ceramics with a very high strength–stronger than titanium in some ways. Zirconia is zirconium dioxide (ZrO2).

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I went to Dr.G for a Zirconia implant and he did a great job! It was a completely painless procedure and I didn’t feel a thing. Dr. G and his entire staff were very friendly and nice and made this process very simple.  The office was also very well equipped and clean! Cant say anymore on how great the experience was.
Thanks Dr.G!

This office is absolutely fantastic! The staff is amazing; knowledgeable, personable, friendly. This entire team from the person who helps you at the front desk, and dental assistants are wonderful. And Dr. Gromov is incredible and one of the easiest dentists to work with, making my tooth extraction easy. He gave me great consultation before my visit and during. He went over and above for me and has given me the best treatment plan I could have ever expected. Going to the dentist usually comes with some nerves, but Dr. Gromov made me very comfortable during the procedure.  Highly recommended!

Dr. Gromov did crown lengthening for me today. Everything went so well! I didn’t feel a thing! Such an amazing doctor and definitely a professional! One of the best dentists that I have met and had experience with! His staff is also amazing, helpful and very kind. I had an amazing experience and highly recommend him!

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