Discover the All-on-4 treatment concept, a minimally invasive solution with a fixed full-arch restoration for high patient satisfaction.

Patients Ask

What is All-on-4 surgery?

The all-on-4procedure is a complete restoration of the upper and or lower arch using dental implants which are fitted to a dental bridge. The all-on-four treatment is a full set of permanent teeth meaning a permanent solution, that not only feel like natural teeth but look identical to natural teeth too.

You can usually return to work or school within 1-3 days after your surgery. You should also notice a reduction in other symptoms. Bleeding should stop within 3-4 days at most, and bruising and swelling will also start to fade after a week post-surgery.

Patients who have experienced bone loss can also be good candidates for All-on-4. All on 4 implants are the most cost-effective way to replace an entire upper or lower set of teeth, so they are often the best choice for patients who are on a budget.

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Dr. G. –  Excellent Periodontist. Painless. Extremely informative, will guide you well through the procedure. Wonderful personality. Kind. Compassionate. Caring. I very highly recommend him to anyone!    This was the third time I had a gum graft done, previously by different doctors and Dr. Gromov was truly the Best!!!

Dr. Gromov did crown lengthening for me today. Everything went so well! I didn’t feel a thing! Such an amazing doctor and definitely a professional! One of the best dentists that I have met and had experience with! His staff is also amazing, helpful and very kind. I had an amazing experience and highly recommend him

The only word to describe Dr. Gromov and his team is exceptional. He and his team genuinely care about you and it’s evident through their transparency from every step of your dental needs. He was able to fix an issue I had within the same day which is seemingly unheard of nowadays. Even if I have to drive an hour every time to see him I would do it with no hesitation. He’s truly that gifted at what he does.

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